13 Days in Hell

Your task in this hellish unblocked game is to survive 13 days in hell. Before you were 13 very hard level, which means that a lot of challenges is in front of you, but you are in hell that means that will not be easy but you must hold and survive that 13 days in order to get out of hell and won this challenging game!

Your goal is to kill several giants and wizards from hell that will come out from complete darkness to you in order to kill you, make sure you kill them before they method you, which means you have to shoot them in the head because it is the most efficient and the fastest way to kill them. Over time you will get better and stronger weapons to faster and better kill wizards but your task will not be so easy you must that you can survive 13 days in hell and give your best to do that. Let’s play the game and have some fun. Good luck!


Use mouse to aim and fire.

1,2,3,4,5,6 or mouse button to select weapon.

R or Space-bar to Reload.

P-Pause game.


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