Cars is the best racing games for kids

Cars takes the high-speed and quick journey of the forged of “Cars” to a different level. Race to the finishing line as you reside all the fun and excitement of ensuing film maker footage presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film, “Cars.” Play as all of your favorite characters as you facilitate Lightening McQueen capture the desirable Piston Cup Championship. Options all of the key voice talent from the moving picture

From the Manufacturer

When Lightning McQueen moves his sport headquarters to Radiator Springs, it does not take long for troublemaking outsiders DJ, Wingo, Boost, and Snot Rod to make your mind up they need a bit of the sport action. To drive these high-octane pranksters out of city, the ever-confident McQueen challenges every of them to a series of races. Thus begin your engines, hold on tight, and find able to leave the competition within the dust!


  • cars-0Make friends eat your mud with multiplayer mode
  • Burn rubber in over twenty five races
  • Speed to the finishing line with over fifteen playable characters
  • Story-based journey that relives key moments of the moving picture
  • Explore the open-world of Radiator Springs

Player Comment:

Cars was a hit and a favourite in my house, thus i made a decision to select this game up for the youngsters. it’s okay drained terms of the charactors and sounds from the the moving picture, and may be a fun automobile game normally.

My five year previous is absolutely enjoying fiddling with which is all I will elicit from a computer game.

I will be probing for alternative games supported a number of the recent animated movies supported this one.

Cars is the best racing games for kids. This game will be able to play on Xbox and Play Station. Its available in amazon, Xbox store and PS Store.

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