Crazy Flasher 3

If you come tired from work or school, then this game is a great choice to have fun. Are you want to play some funny and entertaining game? If you are then you are in the right place because this is the right Crazy flasher 3 unblocked game for you.  You are a master of martial arts and now is the time to bring that to the street, your city is attacked by army of criminals ready to beat you with various objects from fist to poles, baseball bats, bars, and even guns.

In front of you is a big challenge and a lot of levels, each next level will be much harder and more difficult than the previous one, which means that you have to warm up your fingers and do your best to beat anyone you find along your way. Be careful and avoid impact, you have a special attack use him only when you’re surrounded by enemies because using this special attack you lose some of your energy. Prove you’re the best fighter and beat hooligans. Enjoy this unblocked shooting and fighting game! Let’s play the game and have some fun. Good Luck!


W, A, S, D-Move

B-Attack/pick up



Spacebar-Choose weapon


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