Feed Us 4

If you come tired from work or school, then this game is a great choice to have fun. Are you want to play some funny and entertaining game? If you are then you are in the right place because this is the right Feed Us 4 unblocked game for you. One of the most dangerous and deadly piranha is located in the plane and your mission is to announcement it! You are piranha, whose task is to devour everything that gets in its way, this game is very ferocious and bloody it’s not for people with weak stomachs. Your goal is simple, devouring all possible objects, animals and people around you in order to survive.

In some stages you will have a task to eat a certain number of people, you will have some task to make a certain amount of their blood in order to move to the next level. You can improve your piranha, you can upgrade: Scales, Spine, Seed, Tail, Jaws and Fins, and so your piranha will be able to quickly knock people off their boats, will be faster and more powerful bite and a lot faster to move. This Feed Us 4 exciting game will surely make your day and kill tedium, if you are in school or at work and want to play some fun and exciting game then this game is definitely the right choice for you. We wish you lots of fun! Let’s play the game and have some fun. Good luck!


Use mouse to move and attack.


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