Are you ready to play Kawairun game? Run, run as fast as you can! Your task is to run and jump and bypassing the various obstacles that will be on your way to your destination, you must skip and jump over every obstacle that is found in front of you, because if you fall it will be game over for you and you start the entire level over again. Before you are a lot of challenging levels, each following will be more difficult and complicated than the previous one, which means that you must give your best!

Play with friends and compete who can run longer without falling and make the highest score. Skip all the obstacles that are in front of you and run as fast as you can. Let’s play the game and have some fun. Good Luck!


Player 1

Use arrow keys to move, jump and slide.

Player 2

Use W, A, S and D buttons on your keyboard to move, jump and slide.


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