Minecraft Tower Defense 2

First read the all instruction in this game open then play this an awesome game in unblocked game. If you feel tired after work and school lets play the game and refresh yourself. This Minecraft Tower Defense 2 game you can play in two modes. Adventure Mode and Survival Mode. Aim of the game is to survive and you need to start digging your own path to the green marker. In order to dig you need to click at the block next to the player.

You need to build towers in order to stop the waves of enemies who will try to come from point A to point B. Every tower has their own specialty, some will slow the enemies, some have fast fire rate, some deal great damage and so on. You can upgrade your towers with the money you earn by killing enemies. In Survival mode you need to survive as long as possible and make the best score. Have fun and good luck in this awesome game! Good luck!


Use mouse to play.



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